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What am I up to now?

Right now I'm in Miss Saigon at Folketeateret in Oslo. We had our premier September 1st and are playing until November 18th before New Year. We will then reconvene two months later on January 19th and play for a limited time!


Tickets can be bought here:



Here you can look at pictures from various productions, several videos from concerts and different articles that mention me. 


about me.

Thomas Wesley Brasel

I come from the small town called Hommersåk, just outside of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. I grew up in quite a musical home, and I started singing and playing several instruments from a young age. Over the years I started to love performing as well, and decided that I wanted to go to a high school that would further improve my capabilities and talents...

contact me.

+47 938 90 505

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